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Learning Together and Inspiring Each Other.

Warning: What follows may sound all too familiar to you.

After conducting hundreds of workshops over the years, we know they can go two ways. Workshops can be life-altering and business-breakthrough experiences where teams become stronger, vision is clearer, resolve is enriched by commitment, and participants have a memorable and valuable experience empowering growth and development. Or workshops can be dry-as-dirt yawners, that waste time, send eyeballs rolling, don’t meet team or organizational needs, and failing to deliver little, if anything, of substantive value, are a regrettable waste of valuable time and precious resources.

Certified Business Coach

different by design

The good news is we have three simply extraordinary workshops that succeed where others fail. Transitions for Business workshops are different by design. They’re lively, entertaining and engaging, but most critically, the real difference is that our focus isn’t telling but facilitating new thinking, better communication, and teams that are stronger for their diversity not victims of it.


Mobilizing disparate styles to work together in harmony.

Workshops For Better Team Performance

Understand how diverse factors impact your team’s motivation.

Equine Facilitated Coaching

Experiential Equine-Facilitated exploration of leadership styles.