Workshops For Better Team Performance

The Twelve Driving Forces

Understand how diverse factors impact your team’s motivation.

Transform Team Diversity Into Motivation.

Successful people share a simple secret: They harness what motivates them and the knowledge of their driving force motivates them every day, energizing them and driving them forward. Contrast that with feeling drained and disconnected in a mismatched job where productivity plummets. By discovering your primary driving force, you’ll position yourself to reach your full potential.

It starts with motivation. Confirmed by Gallup’s 2013 State of the American Workforce Report, a company with higher employee engagement has 38% greater productivity. Yet, in the workplace, individual motivation can be a two-edged sword; diversity can create even greater division than generational or communication styles, and either complement or compete with achieving goals.

We help leverage diversity’s strengths, through understanding the power – and the benefits – of its motivational potential. Participants will understand the driving forces in their lives and how they contribute to the team’s strengths. Framing both individual and group perspectives to harness motivation, the Twelve Driving Forces puts the potential of diversity to its most effective use.

Workshop Foundation

  • The Twelve Driving Forces offers deep insight into the six common drivers based on Eduard Spranger’s celebrated research on human motivation.
  • Each of the twelve forces has its own motivational footprint with its own unique views and characteristics.
  • Your primary cluster of forces influences how you perceive, interact and judge others. Understanding its impact is a profound developmental step.
  • A team consciously embracing its Driving Forces diversity is much more productive than a team unconsciously working against it.

Workshop Objectives

  • Creating shared understanding of the role of motivation in the workplace.
  • Understanding your Driving Forces – the Why behind your actions and how they translate into behaviors.
  • Exploring how conflict creates polarization within and outside of the team.
  • Confronting personal motivational biases and their impact on team success.
  • Learning how an organization’s composite Driving Forces affect outcomes.
  • Translating personal understanding into organizational success.

Participants leave the workshop with new insights and tools for creating more individual and team success. A personalized Success Insights Driving Forces report and action plan ensure that participants’ learning can be put to immediate use in the workplace.