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DISC® Profile: Low Dominant

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The Meek may eventually inherit the Earth, but what do we do in the meantime?  Often described as conservative, undemanding, cautious, mild, and agreeable, people that come in at the low end of the dominance scale can feel at a disadvantage in the corporate world.


Tips for being a Low D:

  • High Dominants may perceive your long fuse and agreeable nature as weak, even incompetent, so develop assertiveness skills and learn when to apply them.
  • Gravitate into positions that value your conservative nature.
  • If you are a leader, create respect and build staff confidence by focusing on consistency in decision-making and leadership style.

Tips for communicating with a Low D:

  • Don’t push them to take risks or make quick decisions
  • Don’t use aggressive language
  • Do leverage their agreeable nature in a team environment
  • Do encourage their sharing opinions with others

Remember that people are each a unique combination of behavioral styles.  The effectiveness of these tips may vary based on the intensity of their other three style factors.

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  • Transitions For Business established a ground-breaking leadership and team development program at Best Friends Animal Society. Rescued horses from Horse Haven have renewed purpose as equine coaches in their new equine-facilitated learning program.
  • Teresa Pool has been chosen by the International Coach Federation as a breakout presenter at the 2016 ICF conference in Indianapolis..  She will partner with fellow MCCs Judy Feld and Sara Smith to demonstrate advanced coaching competencies.
  • The Next Level Coaching workshop, advanced competency training for coaches, is being offered again in Dallas in Spring 2016.  Stay tuned for dates and registration information.
  • The Transitions team worked with 18 senior level engineers on targeted presentation skills at The Missile Defense Agency in October 2015.

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